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Comment 27 by Layla :

Comment 25 by AtheistEgbert : That is why I don't understand my fellow atheists who think that separating church and the state somehow solves the problem of religion, when the American form of secularism has made religion literally above the law, or that somehow secular politics is somehow good.

But the American form of secularism, from what I can see, is not actually secular at all, is it? God is on the money, in the pledge of allegience, the political events like this are like church events complete with hyms and prayers and testimony, and I gather the president talks about God in speeches. On what planet is that secularism? They're not even religious without being specific about which religion. It's all 100% Christian.

You are right, separation of church and state never actually existed in the US. For instance, there has never been a president elected who did not affiliate himself with some religion.

In fact, you could probably argue that every year the two become ever more intertwined.

Comment 23 by Layla :

Wow. I understand that given most people are Christian there, the wider culture will be heavily influenced by Christianity, but I really think a political event should be secular in nature. This is more like a Church event than a political event. Mind you, I suppose that if your entire moral/political perspective is founded in Christian beliefs it would be difficult to discuss them without reference to your religion. These people probably don't actually have any kind of objective, rational basis for their (political) beliefs that they could expound upon at an event like this anyway.

Are the democrats as religious as this?

Thank God I'm not American.

This is mundane compared to what the Texas Governor Rick Perry did.

As wildfires scorch Texas due to droughts, Governor Rick Perry decides to take some action. He's not a Republican who will turn a blind eye to what's happening to our climate! What does Rick Perry decide to do? Call for Texans to pray for rain, of course! He declared April 22-24th official days of prayer for rain to combat the intense drought and wild fires all across Texas.

Of course it was a massive failure.

Rick Perry then went on to state that the problems the great state of Texas face are too difficult for mere men to solve, so what did he do? You guessed it, another prayer session. Obviously the problem with the first prayer session was that the people didn't pray hard enough. So this time he rented out a huge stadium for all the Christians to come pray away the bad economy. Video2 Video3

In a country, that is supposed to pride itself in its separation of church and state, we are condoning prayer meetings to Yahweh to solve our problems. And the funny thing is that the problems are largely caused by republican policies.

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