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Interesting issues.

As a 12 yr old I trailed, as a full blow theist of "my real father has died" delusional proportions, 2 miles to a scout group outside the scout-less parish of a council estate, and lasted about 6 weeks before one young egotistical scout, the next generation "god we trust" progeny of the commanding scout leader, practised his well honed thespian skills to implicate me in bullying him enough times for the scout leader to go bright red with anger at this imposter from a distant lower class realm. The situation was a complete hoax. I was threatened with being banned. In god I trusted and so never returned there.

This was my first taste of what I later recognised as institutional freemasonry. Nothing since has changed my perspective on the above example. It's as not god we trust organisation as one could get. The wholesale irony of the charade is only something I recently came to appreciate or find any humour in whatsoever. The genes for memes rallies loud and clear!

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