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The Christians don't require the children to swear that they will not believe in fairies or reject Muhammed as a prophet I presume either. They instead focus on what they believe is central to their own beliefs.

Layla, the GGA is not a Christian organization for Christian people; it at least professes to be inclusive. It is very often the only activity of its sort for children in a local community. My children were asked to "promise to love my God and to be kind and helpful". The "my God" is there to allow non-christians to participate, except that the GGA omitted to imagine that some non-Xtians might not actually be theists. Muslims are allowed to change this bit to "Allah". If you are a non-theist however, you are not allowed to omit the God bit. My kids are not old enough to have a clue about what they are promising, but it's yet another social pressure on them to take up religious affiliation. They don't have to make the promise, true, but then they can't participate, so instead of being inclusive, this promise makes the organization exclusive.

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