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I think what is disturbing here is that no book from the "new atheists" calls for believers to be stoned, beheaded or otherwise killed. They don't encourage violence of any sort. They encourage reasoned debate, wider viewpoints and outlooks, and yes verbal criticism of religions. And yet they are warmongering and dangerous? Where as 2000 year old texts that encourage the death penalty for countless trivial things, and that actively encourage war among religions are in no way harmful?

I heard a rather pathetic debate the other day between an atheist and a catholic. The atheist was incredibly calm and collected (much like Dawkins) and had his arguments well constructed and thought out. After the catholic had her say, he merely questioned the things she said, and she flew off the handle. He was accused of being intolerant, aggressive and was told numerously to "grow up". He hadn't even finished his argument.
This seems to be the knee-jerk reaction of the religious to any atheist viewpoint. In some ways, it's encouraging, as we are rattling them and making them nervous, and they are realising that their silly superstitions that have blighted society for so many years are finally being questioned on a large scale.

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