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Bit by pernicious bit, revelation by toxic revelation, day by interminable day...the RCC crumbles and melts and the stench of corruption contaminates all while priests and popes hysterically screech pathetically "morality...morality... we are the other!"

errm! you are not, not any-more not that you ever were... all will know just how sick, perverted, and evil you actually are...That will be your other!

In time you shall fade and wither and finally blow away as dust in a are over...for ever because there is no way back, the genii is out of the black little bottle where you had caged him for so long...there is no cramming it back in ...papal edict or none..

Your delusion has deserted you just when he would be quite handy about now...more so then in the last 2000 years. ..oh dear... how sad....never mind!...and the best will never see another 2000 years the institution is damaged beyond repair..even beyond your lies. That is a fact yet to be discovered...

Tue, 22 Nov 2011 22:21:45 UTC | #892445