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I was expecting to see another article about sleaze and corruption in the catholic church on this site any day now. How long has it been since the last one? About a week I think. Nobody should be surprised to see another story about the RCC sex abuse scandal so soon. This issue is not going to go away, and rightly so.

I’ll tell you what else I expect to happen while I’m about it. I expect it won’t be very long at all before one or two catholic apologists turn up and start defending that hateful organisation and the moral cretins who run it. I expect they’ll accuse us of lies and hate-mongering. I expect they’ll say that we’re deliberately making the RCC look worse than it actually is. I expect they’ll refuse to address any of the arguments against their position or answer any of the questions put to them. And I expect this thread to run to hundreds of comments as a result.

Tue, 22 Nov 2011 22:37:54 UTC | #892453