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It's the good old "seduction myth".

In short, according to its very own logic, the Catholic Church is, was, and always has been and will be the one and only inherently "good" and virtuous institution. Sexual abuse committed behind church and monastery walls by Catholic dignitaries can under this dogma, this deliberate and willfull distortion of reality, never have originated from within the Church itself. But it is the result of worldly temptation, the "immorality" of the outside world afflicting priests and causing them to stray from the path of virtue.

The Catholic Church simply wants to have its cake and eat it too. As an institution, it refuses to accept blame for its priests' actions because it is steeped in its own self-delusion of infallibility, and at the same time, it attempts to seize the moment to blame clerical child abuse on the sexual revolution, apparently in the hope of contributing to its undoing. Make no mistake, the sexual revolution always has been and always will be the Catholic Church's arch enemy. The Church has never recovered from its loss of power over what goes on in people's bedrooms. But as a liberal commentator here in Germany said when the German Catholic Church's abuse scandal first blew wide open early last year, it is precisely society's newfound openness about all things sexual that has contributed to the encouragement of abuse victims to come forward and seek justice against their abusers, including those who happened to be church employees. Perhaps yet another reason why the Catholic Church wants that genie back in the bottle.

Speaking of Germany - the Pope being German, it should come as no surprise that here in Germany, that seduction myth has already trickled down into politics. First uttered by disgraced Bishop Walter Mixa (who resigned after allegations that he beat little choir boys), next in line it was picked up by conservative politician Beate Merk, staunch Catholic herself and state secretary of justice in the German state of Bavaria (Ratzinger's home state by the way), and in its latest permutation, that very same seduction myth is even being circulated by conservative Catholic-leaning children's charities. And therefore, because the Church is fighting this battle on so many levels, it is not unlikely that the seduction myth will soon come full circle and result in stifling, needless new sex crime laws which will in fact grant the Church its wish of undoing the sexual revolution. One new law and one new seduction myth permutation at a time.

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