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Ok, after finally taking the time to examine this more thoroughly, here's the creepiest damn part for (bearing in mind all of it is creepy as hell):

This actually happened in the Tony Walsh case, the details of which the Murphy commission could not release until criminal proceedings against him ended. Walsh was well-known to be a paedophile priest, who over fifteen years raped many boys before the church finally ordered his defrocking in 1993. But he appealed to Ratzinger’s CDF, which overruled the sentence and ordered that he be sent to a monastery instead – where of course he managed to rape other boys. He was caught by police in 1996, sexually attacking a youth in a public lavatory after attending a family funeral.

That any organization, much less a religious faith would have the audacity to not only enable this horror to be inflicted on other people but to think they have some right to not report it to the authorities is reprehensible and vile in every conceivable sense. They literally behave as if their church nation allows for some divine version of diplomatic immunity and for some reason they're not in jail. Certainly nowhere near enough of them at any rate.

I continue to be disgusted and astonished.

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