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Comment 77 by Alex, adv. diab.

Einstein is no more "god-like" in physics than Darwin in biology, and he was wrong about enough things.

Well I'm not trying to get the last word but Darwin is pretty god-like in the universe of evolutionary biology. Not all gods get everything right of course. The Greek gods screwed-up a-plenty. On the Mount Olympus of science Einstein is unquestionably there with fellow gods Newton, Galileo, Darwin, Kepler, Heisenberg, et al. Einstein was off the mark at times as you say, but he was on the mark where it mattered - the product of natural genius as opposed to trained genius. It seems to me that it is easy enough to do the jigsaw once someone else hands it to you in a box. The gods of science are those 'someone elses'.

I'm not an especial follower of the 'great man' theory of history. As James Watson admitted; the double helix would have revealed itself to someone else sooner or later. It just revealed itself to he and Crick sooner rather than later, happily for them. By the same token general relativity would have occured to someone else sooner or later. Nevertheless it seems to me that those scientists with a genius confident enough to challenge the crystalising orthodoxy will be the next gods invited to join the others on the Mount. Could be a CERN scientist. But whatever, things are looking up.

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