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Comment 110 by Rawhard Dickins :

Helga, Mysticjbyrd..

I think artificial meat will have it's day, given time and the commercial will, although ultimately population growth is the big issue.

I feel very strongly about population but there's a trade off between having enough population to create the technical advances we have seen recently and risking the chances of decimation from the next super-bug.

Perhaps then, 7 Billion is about right, though I suspect that gradual growth is important to the financial health of the world.

A huge portion of that 7 Billion people do not even know there is a problem, never mind looking for a solution.

If your argument is that we might miss out on the 2nd Albert Einstein being born...well that is a possibility. BUT, the problem is the population. So to suggest maintaining the unsustainable population in hopes that Albert Jr comes along to fix the problem is insane. Without the unsustainable population, there is no catastrophic problem that needs to be solved.

You could also argue that Albert Jr already exists, but he lost amongst the vast population. He might be answering the phone at Dell in India right now. He just has not had a chance to prove himself yet. The idea of less is more, comes to mind. You have a smaller pool to draw talent from, but each member of the pool you do have can be that much better.

All I am suggesting is to have and enforce population controls, like in china. Which we will be forced to do at some point or another regardless.

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