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"he is too old, too academic"

I heartily agree with Alan4dDiscussion that this is an inapposite, wince-worthy, dribblingly thoughtless insult to academia

Worse, it's a very puerile, psychologically obtuse misreading of Ratzinger's character. He is not anything that resembles an essentially principled man of essentially normal conscience, grown recalcitrantly sessile upon his moral ground, the avenues of his moral thought walled off and diverted by the screens erected by motivated reasoning.

He is plainly [edited by moderator to bring within terms of use], as conspicuously aware of what he has done (and prescinded from doing) as a person nonchalantly walking past a drowning toddler in Singer's "shallow pond" thought experiment.

This should be excruciatingly manifest to anyone of modest psychological acuity.

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