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Comment 8 by Ignorant Amos :

"Much of the domestication of the dog was self-domestication, mediated by natural, not artificial, selection." "......natural selection had already sculpted wolves into self-domesticated 'village dogs' without human intervention. Only later did humans adopt these village dogs and transmogrify them, separately and comprehensively, into the rainbow spectrum of breeds...." The Greatest Show on Earth, page 28 & 71, by Richard Dawkins. There is much more on the dog excellent read for those who have not yet had the privilege, although there can't be too many of those types reading this comment.

Fantastic book, one of my favorites. I tried to get my mother to read it, but no, it's BLASPHEMOUS!

And Comment 10, since when are dogs omnivores? Just because they occasionally chew on grass doesn't make them omnivores.

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