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Well, the most interesting information is missing, which is how relevant this information is. It sure seems scary that religious lobbying has increased fivefold in 40 years, but my guess is that lobbying in general has increased a great deal, which is of course in itself a worrying development. Are the religious groups just part of a general trend or have they increased their activities significantly more then others, and if so, how much more? Is inflation taken into account? I mean, the price for a cup of coffee has probably increased more than fivefold over the last forty years.

Also a sniplet from the article:

The number of Muslim groups engaged in lobbying and advocacy in Washington (17) is about the same as the number of mainline Protestant groups engaged in such work (16).

The mere number of organizations is of course no measure for the influence or the intensity of lobbying activities. For that they should give the ammount of money spent or at least the number of full-time lobbyists employed. But this is exactly the kind of non-information that fires xenophpobia. If not reading carefully the reader is left with the impression that the political influence of "them" is growing disproportionatly and already matches that of the numerous and politically "harmless" mainstream protestants.

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