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Regarding the international scope of lobbying efforts by American Christian/Religious Right entities, it should be noted that they don't just go through the channels of official U.S. government foreign policy anymore. The Alliance Defense Fund, for instance, a multi-million-dollar American conservative Christian network of lawyers and legal experts, now even fights its own strategic lawsuits in Europe, employing local European lawyers both on EU and member states levels. Their self-proclaimed goal being to (ostensibly in the name of "religious freedom") influence courts and lawmakers in Europe and keep them from passing liberal laws and verdicts which could serve as precedents for the U.S., but also, and again, this is their own stated goal, to spread Christian conservative legal and political values in Europe.

The same goes for many American religious "pro-life" organizations as well as other conservative Christian purpose-focused entities who have made considerable inroads into the European political landscape, again directly lobbying European political parties, governments, and the EU itself - and bypassing official U.S. foreign policy.

The latter should perhaps be great reason for concern, because by directly infiltrating European circles of power and authority, any mitigative effect that having to go through U.S. foreign policy might have is being sidestepped, allowing those organizations, think tanks and entities to do their worst directly and pretty much below anybody's radar.

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