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There is an F-22 pilot in my LDS ward (I happen to be a Mormon atheist, I know weird) and he taught the lesson in Melchizedek priesthood today which was on receiving personal revolation, on a positive note, no claimed to have ever received any bonifide revolations. The sad part was that they cited a general lack of worthiness as the reason that God does not broadcast more revolations to them, sigh. I just wanted to jump up and scream, there is no God, that is the reason you are not receiving any personal revolations! The level of Cognitive dissonance was painful to watch, how such intelligent and well educated people can be so blinded is beyond me, although I used to believe in this stuff not all that long ago myself and looking back I still could not tell how I managed to believe for so long.

Mon, 28 Nov 2011 05:47:45 UTC | #893765