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← UPDATED: Muslim medical students boycotting lectures on evolution... because it 'clashes with the Koran'

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I have a simple solution. Throw the trash out of our medical schools! These people are not just ignorant. They are utterly arrogant as well. They don't want to learn. The choice is of course theirs to make, but it should have grave consequences.

You should not be allowed to practice medicine if you deny the most fundamental tenets of biology. It's time to show the religious they don't run the show anymore. We have religious freedom and they can believe (or refuse to believe) anything they like. But, they have to realize ignoring basic science will come at a price. Such a person should not be entitled to any respect or in any way be considered an authority or considered suitable for any respected position in our societies. There's just no room for people with a bronze age mentality in modern societies.

Still in these horrible times of post modernism and relativism I am sure some dean (probably forced by some despicable politician) will excuse and suck up to these students and invite them back to school. Heck, why not throw in a public apology for exposing them to reality in such an insensitive and arrogant way as well. Just because all the evidence point towards evolution does not mean we shouldn't regard some collection of random bronze-age myths as equally valid and worthy of respect.

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