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At my university (Macquarie University, Australia) one of the first year biology courses is "Evolution and Biodiversity" and I noticed at least one muslim student participating in it. Another first year bio course that I completed last semester was on cellular and molecular biology, but our professor dedicated the first lecture to explaining the concepts of science and evolution, including pseudosciences from astrology, to the supernatural, to intelligent design — he's very in-tune with public understanding of science. I'd say the other first year courses, like human biology, introduce evolution too. So, I think every medical science student will be exposed to evolution, but they can probably get away with not understanding it. However, we also have a chiropractic degree in our science faculty (I'm not sure how it's supposed to be different from physiotherapy) but students have to partake in some pretty heavy duty science courses, e.g. chemistry, biochemistry, organic and biological chemistry, so there's no mercy for those suckers: learn how to be a scientist or no degree.

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