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I just returned from a seven hour road trip to attend the funeral of someone I love deeply. He died under tragic circumstances that haunt me and probably will for a very long time. The family had a mass. It was the first time I have been at a mass since I escaped my childhood indoctrination.

It was the strangest thing. I didn't go in with a chip on my shoulder but I left with one. I was there to honour a great man and all they talked about was how great Jesus was. There I was with a church full of grownups acting out fairy tales.

I'm sure it's because of this that the OP really hit a nerve. How dare they? How dare they mock atheism? How dare they talk about logical contradictions when the book looks to be just another one of thousands that ignores the atheist "arguments" and does nothing to provide a speck of evidence for its claims? How dare they act as though theirs is the intellectual position? What a bunch of gobshites.

Jesus was not the son of god. The god they claim exists does not exist. It's really very simple. They pretend that it's true and anyone who cares about truth should admit that it's make-believe. They haven't a leg to stand on.

I have no patience right now for arrogant catholic posturing. I still have a great deal of patience for many catholics because so many of them are good, substantial human beings who were raised in the tradition of their community and what they do when someone dies is have a mass. I understand that on many levels. What I don't understand are arrogant gits writing books about grownups playing make-believe and suggesting that atheists are intellectually naive.

I could spit right now.

Wed, 30 Nov 2011 02:44:01 UTC | #894283