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Comment 11 by Alternative Carpark :

Why do you keep giving sanctimonious twats like this, with their vanity-press toilet paper, free publicity?

Well, I suppose it is because we have nothing to fear from religious apologists. Their arguments are certainly tiresome but it is worth being aware of them if one is interested in helping people who are fooled by them.

I just realized that apologists themselves would say something very similar to what I said in the last sentence. The key difference though is that at no point do atheists make the illegal move of saying, "ah reason only takes you thus far, after this there must be faith". And unfortunately for the apologists every work of apologetics I have ever read always boils down to that: you gotta have faith. Which really shows that all their pretensions to honest ratiocination were really nothing more than sophistry after all.

Wed, 30 Nov 2011 07:58:11 UTC | #894328