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So this is IT is it? Finally, The Book - The One - The Only - Look out Richard!!

All that magnificent work you put in is all for nothing - cos this book is going to destroy atheism once and for all..........


I bet this is what they are sitting smugly thinking to themselves.

Problem is, without even reading it I can make a very good guess that they a) have not read The God Delusion in it's entirety b) Have quote mined what Richard and others have said and c) have not produced a single argument that hasn't been addressed in The God Delusion already.

What makes me sick is they are using practices as ancient as those who were involved in the Talmud or Bible writing in that they use somebody elses name to make their own nonsense more appealing to read.

Except this isn't their own nonsense, I'll bet it's the same repeated crapulent nonsense being regurgitated and vomitted forth again because they think keeping the importance of ignorance is of the utmost importance. Their "arguments" have already been refuted, they just want to make money and better their reputations in their own small circles of ignorance promoters.

No doubt with that rather asinine joy of "Ooooh I just took on Richard Dawkins, look at how brave I am and sure of my arguments!"

(By the way, my sincere condolences Susan Latimer, I understand how awful it must be for you not only to lose someone like that but to hear all that religious rubbish at the funeral - I've been there and I know the feeling far too well. Take care, I hope things get better for you)

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