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Comment 14 by susanlatimer :

It was the strangest thing. I didn't go in with a chip on my shoulder but I left with one. I was there to honour a great man and all they talked about was how great Jesus was.

My father and his family were Catholics and I have had to attend a number of Catholic funerals. My experience in each case has been the same as yours. Little mention of the person whose funeral it was except for their contribution to the church and the rest of the service being a hard sell for Catholicism.

My father had ceased to be a Catholic by the time of his death but we still had a Catholic funeral for him so as not to upset my grandmother. The priest took great delight in attacking my father's politics and his atheism, it was all I could do to stop myself hitting him after the service. As it was it turned me from being apathetic about religion to realising what a malign influence it has on society.

Forget the service, remember your uncle as he was.

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