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The facetious version....

Dear Mr Grove, unfortunately the fiction section of our library is currently full and our children seem to prefer modern titles such as Harry Potter rather than classics like Jane Eyre and the King James Bible. Perhaps this title could be returned to the publisher and have the value provided as a book token so that the pupils in our school can make their own choice.

Sensible version ....

Dear Mr Grove, Thank you for the gift of a King James Bible, unfortunately we are unable to accept it as in our muilti-faith school we would be compelled to make available copies of other religious texts that represent the diversity of our pupils. Due to budget restraints we would be unable to justify purchasing the other religious texts to meet our obligation to be non discriminatory. Perhaps it would be possible for us to chose an alternative title that would meet the requirements of the curriculum. In RE this would be a title that would help explain the beliefs of many faiths or perhaps a history title that documents the history of King James and how the Bible came into being as part of history of England.

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