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Comment 1 by chawinwords :

"It also seems obvious that religion impedes acceptance of not just evolution, but science in general—at least that brand of science, like stem-cell research or work on global warming—that threatens religious views."

Ordinarily, it only takes a century or two for religions and the religious to "evolve" far enough to accept scientific realism and discoveries, then they claim later that the discovery was actually done by the religious believers and discovered in the scriptures in the first place.

Hence, which proves that the religiously insane can still function on a day by day basis only as long as the insanity does not totally control the wackos on that same daily basis. Or a bit of religious insanity does not a mental cripple make, however, if severe enough can make a fool or idiot.

I recently watched "The Debate That Never Was, William Lane Craig vs Richard Dawkins" and was astonished to see that he argued that the big bang theory was proof of God's existence, and now the evil Satan worshiping scientists were trying to disprove said theory, thus disprove god, with M-theory, String Theory, Multi-verse, etc...

PS: As the wording suggests, there is no debate and Richard Dawkins is not there. I could only stomach watching 30 mins of said lecture, before I started grinding my teeth every time I heard the word "cause".

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Comment 3 by TeraBrat :

This shows how little you can do to change people's minds about something they "believe in". This is why I don't try to convince people to stop believing what they believe. I simply explain why I believe what I believe.

Agreed. For many "true believers", their belief system is as true for them as the scientific worldview is for a secular person. No amount of evidence will change that.

It is true that they are for the most part lost causes, but to say you "believe" as they believe only hurts the cause. By using that word in that sense, it is the same as saying your positions lie on equal ground, science = religion. It gives them the sense that they won, because they have. If they can get you to give them the undue respect they demand, then they have truly won.

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