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Comment 351 by Quine

Got evidence?

Come on Quine, you really know that fundamentalists not only don't do "evidence", but most of them don't even know what evidence or a hypothesis is,: - even after definitions have been presented!

They do know that The "bible" is true!..... .... That is:-

  • The Hebrew Bible (Tora)

  • The Septuagint (Greek translation)

  • The New Testament (Paul's letters)

  • Latin Vulgate Translation, (Commissioned by pope)

  • Alcuin Bible, (Charlemagne)

  • Paris Bible,

  • Wycliffe Bible ( First English translation 1382)

  • (1408 RC archbishop forbids English translations)

  • Gutenburg Bible,

  • Dutch scholar Erasmus translation ( Latin and Greek)

  • Luther Bible,

  • William Tyndale English translation 1526 (which leads to his execution),

  • (Henry IIIV takes over CofE from RC),

  • Coverrdale Bible 1535,

  • Matthew Bible 1537,

  • Great Bible 1539,

  • Geneva Bible 1560 (Published in English in Switzerland),

  • Douai-Rheims Bible,

  • King James Bible 1611,

  • New English Bible.

  • These repeatedly translated, miss-translated and contradictory works are all pronounced to be THE UNERRING TROOOFF! Usually by people who have never heard of them and never read them! Still that's fundamentalism!!

    Tue, 06 Dec 2011 12:00:13 UTC | #896125