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← Religious groups cry foul over Ontario anti-bullying bill

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One fact you are all ignoring is this awful attempt to bully the bully boys (and girls). Bullies have feelings too. Bullies have rights. Hug a bully for god

I have no sympathy for bullies. I don't care how bad they get it at home, there isn't any excuse for anyone to take their troubles out on other people. When I was growing up, I got the whole "fighting is wrong" talk.

I really, really wish I'd gotten the "Demolish them" talk. You want to stop bullying? Stop with the silly pacifism, teach kids to fight back. Most bullies do have wrecked home lives. Most bullies are wimps. And they take their troubles out on innocent peers who they know won't be likely to fight back--because most of us are actually decent and despise violence.

Damn that. Occasionally, the best way to prevent somebody hurting you is to demonstrate you are willing to hurt them. Does it sound stupid and brutish?

It is. So are bullies. A combination of teaching kids to fight back--and yes I mean violently--against someone threatening them physically, and intervening into what the bullies lives are like at home, would put an end to this.

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