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@Comment 14 by 78rpm

I don't think there is any need for anyone to sling shit at your illogical and offensive post, is there?

I am against the very concept of gay clubs in schools. It labels children in a way analagous to labelling them as belonging to a religion.

Are you are comparing someones gender orientation to a choice in fantasy friends. Someone who has to grow up in a society where LGBTG are NOT equal and who cannot simply fit into standard society. You not only want to compare them to the deluded but not allow them to have a club, the one place where they can openly discuss their true identity and feelings. Perhaps like you they have already been bullied, ostracism by their parents and their parents zombie death cult, it's leaders and it's big book. Where is the equivalency?

[Granny 78rpm] "Probably you could say I loved her. If it had been nowadays, I would have been labelled a lesbian, put into a cohort with other lesbians, and that would have been my life thereafter."

Or in reality if "they" had kissed, so what? Is your argument similar to the "once you go black..." line of thought. Really that was terrible. You do understand that it's the muslims that have apostasy don't you, not the gays? For someone who opened up a post with "I understand" I'm not sure you understood anything you said. Do you imagine they're putting a fence around the club and making the gays wear little pink triangles?

Not to say that there aren't many inherent problems with starting a specific gay club but it appears you're one of them. I certainly don't have any problems but it won't be easy; first move ban childhood indoctrination, second ban faith schools, third teach the fucking kids about reality.

I kissed a girl and I liked it...

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