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@14 Your little old lady evidence is anecdotal, at best, deceptive at worse. Not only might her sentiments be chalked up to internalized homophobia (both hers and what she perceives of yours), but it fails to consider the possibility of bisexuality.

There is also evidence that women have a kind of superpower relative to men, in demonstrating arousal patterns to a much broader range of sexual stimuli than men do, on average. Your little old lady is typically female in her story of being aroused by a woman but later proving to be primarily heterosexual--while the same pattern would apply to some men, it is much more likely to apply to a woman.

You also appear to be peddling the trope that sexual orientation is a choice, and that therefore gays are hell-bent on recruiting the young (since 'they can't reproduce for themselves' if we want to be gratuitously old-fashioned in the gay-bashing). Gay groups are nothing but recruitment centers in your view, analogous to Bible-reading or Qu'ran-reading group. This is a false analogy--most young people merely parrot the religious views of their parrots, which is in stark contrast to most LGBT kids, the overwhelming majority of whom have straight parents.

Your view opposing gay groups in schools is not based on worthwhile evidence. If you're seriously going to stand with bigots and bullies based on a single little old lady's story of a schoolgirl crush, then your bona fides to belong among those of us who believe in science, reason and evidence are highly questionable.

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