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← Religious groups cry foul over Ontario anti-bullying bill

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What I do not get is the idea that being gay is sinful and the gay person is going to hell for eternity. That is what these people believe. So, if the punishment is ETERNITY, why persecute the gay people NOW?

I mean this decision to JUDGE gays now shows a clear disregard for the "only god can judge" clause in the book they read from. It also shows a clear NON-understanding of what eternity means. I mean, forever, infinity, in imaginary hell and you have to go against one of the teachings of your own book to pile on for the meager 80 years we are here on earth?

I am assuming that the numerator is 80 years and the denominator is infinity. This means that our time here is ZERO. So why violate your own tenets in order to hate on someone who is merely living their life? Why isn't hell enough? Eternity in hell?

This proves (to me) that they have been instructed to hate so they follow the instructions. NO THOUGHT; blind adherence to bullshit.

I hope that some day the gay population and those of us that support tolerance and humanity out number these bigots and can legislate to them.

Fri, 09 Dec 2011 04:02:59 UTC | #896990