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Comment 14 by 78rpm: "If it had been nowadays, I would have been labelled a lesbian, put into a cohort with other lesbians, and that would have been my life thereafter. As it was, though, a little while later I found that I liked kissing boys, and I never looked back."

Are you saying that her heterosexual lifestyle was preferable to a homosexual one because she ended up having children and grandchildren? You seem to think that the only way she would have been heterosexual was to have been forced to do so and that if she identified openly as a lesbian, she would never have another choice. Is there a basis for any of these assumptions? Perhaps one day, support groups for non-heterosexuals won't be necessary, but in the face of discrimination that sexual non-conformity still inspires, they are.

Fri, 09 Dec 2011 11:59:33 UTC | #897067