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My comment 38 should never have been made as it adds precisely nothing to the discussion. I stupidly made it solely to point out to Alan 4 discussion how ridiculous his analogy was in response to my comment 30. After reading his long winded reply, I felt guilty for the other people who I'd inflicted that on. I hereby pledge to try and not rise to such bait again, in the interests of rational discussion. Maybe some others would like to join me.

Like you, I wish that the councillors would stop this silliness. But unlike you, I believe the probable outcome of their prayer is that they go home at 12 min past the hour rather than 10 past. And while I think it's worthy of the ire of this panel, as previously stated in comment 30, I think it's a silly argument to take to the High Court, when there are bigger fish to fry. The upside of victory will be stopping democratically elected councillors being able to pray at meetings, if a majority of them vote to do so. The downside is giving ammunition to the enemies of the NSS, such as the Daily Mail, who will portray this worthy organisation as intolerant bullies who are picking on poor little Bideford.

I believe this to be a silly battle in a very serious war.


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