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← Saudis sentence Australian man to 500 lashes for blasphemy

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The article never mentions what blasphemous thing he allegedly said or did. Then again, it is the Saudi religious police, so the answer probably is "nothing".

Alghough its fairly disgusting that we (the US) keep trying to re-write history by claiming we invaded Iraq for the sake of freeing people from an oppresive regime (forgetting that the real reason was the lies told about weapons of mass destruction existing there), what makes it even more disgusting is how hypocritical that stance is when at the same time we consider Saudi Arabia to be an ally.

If you gave a shit about oppression of a people, the religiously themed oppression in our "ally" of Saudi Arabia should be much higher on your list of concerns than the oppression that occurred under the merely human dictator Saddam Hussein. The oppression that comes from an imaginary dictator who's rules are enforced by a very real religious police force is far far worse. I'm not advocating war on Saudi Arabia, but I am advocating that we stop helping to prop up that corrupt government and stop calling it an "ally".

Saudi Arabia keeps a whopping 50% of its population under house arrest for the crime of being female. Even at his worst, Hussein didn't even come close to those kinds of figures.

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