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I had these same fights with my mom at that age. She became a Jehovah's Witless and was dead set on making her sons follow her example. My one saving grace was that my father absolutely refused to follow her in any manner whatsoever, he even resorted to scriptures from her own bible to prove to her that she just didn't have a leg to stand on as far as trying to force him into the "TRUTH". He also laid down the "Zappa Law" as I came to call it. Mom was free ask us if we wanted to go to meeting with her but we were in no way under any obligation to do so and retribution for not going was strictly forbidden, even by the elders of her congregation. There were a few sticky points here and there like the knock down drag out fight when she refused to sign the consent for blood transfusion when I wanted to go into wood shop and the few years before the rule was enforced where I had to go to the easter thing. By and large I was free to find my own way. You need to find an ally that has pull with your mother. It has to be somebody she respects to make it stick and you need your own Zappa Law. She has absolutely no right to make you follow her delusion so you need someone who can make her respect your boundaries on your side.

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