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I know it is a story and hate to be the spoiler. But it takes a certain amount of maturity to make sense of all these flippant religious cliches. But I think the premise of the story far more confusing than theology. Is this a British idiom that 'two busses always come at once'. I agree that Mum's explanation is entirely inappropriate. But even I would not say that two busses come at once because God works in mysterious ways.

There is no point to asking why coincidences happen when they are non-systematic events. To a child not prepared for this 'inverse insight' it may have seemed to Mum a good idea to give him a cover story. An ill-advised but certainly not a blame worthy thing. Write a novel. Supposing two busses came at once and two lovers, long since parted, stepped off either one and met coincidentally. Then God worked in a mysterious way. Or at least if they were to cherish that belief for a life time they could not be considered blameworthy.

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