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Unfortunately I have to agree with the above comments. It is unlikely that you will convince people that their faith is meaningless. I am not particulalrly well educated and was bought up in a christian household, attended church and read the bible throughout my childhood. It was during my childhood I began to question this god, who I found violent, jealous and vindictive. I wanted to believe in god but not the one I read about who killed thousands merely for being from a different tribe. I just could not understand the contradiction between "Though shall not kill" from a devine entity who had wiped almost the entire population of the earth by drowning them, perhaps he is big on irony?

I have since been exposed to science and it makes sense. Well, if I am honest it sort of makes sense. I have a limited grasp of basic theories of evolution. To be frank, like many of us, I am lazy and therefore I am a lazy atheist. When I encounter devout worshipers who preach the bible as literal I can give token arguments. However my grasp on evolution is not as deep as their understanding of the bible. They are never going to convince me that they are right, but I will never convince them that science is the way forward.

It is all to easy to accept religion as an absolute if you have been exposed early enough and recieve poor education which does not question our beliefs. I have raised my children to question all that is put to them. I can see that science invites a questioning mind. Experiments need to be questioned to be validated. Religion is an absolute. It relies upon a book and blind faith. It is easy to preach to the undeucated, or the lazysuch as myself or those in third world or developing countries where opportunity is poor and death too close. Religion preys upon the vulnerable.

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