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… atheist arguments rely on reason and therefore can only be understood by reasonable persons …

Love it! Is that from you Nicolas, or a quotation?

I think Starcrash [comment 11] above has hit the nail on the head. He’s absolutely right that one can never immediately ‘win’ such arguments in debate.

But what you can do is to implant ideas. Ideas which may fester, replicate and grow in your victim’s mind. But of course that mind must contain sufficiently fertile ground – using the technique with idiots is doomed to failure: some arguments just can’t be won, in which case it is better to direct one’s efforts elsewhere, since life is an ephemeral thing.

Books help a lot, if the target can be persuaded to read them. On this site there’s no need to spell out which book one should start with. Christmas is coming, and it’s the time for giving and all that!

I am afraid I have to use some other tool than logic and reason to make them abandon blind faith. But which tool?

I’ve always found that, in life, firearms can be quite effective :)

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