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Billy's useless theories. So my brother-in-law says.

People are either Domain or Non-Domain trusting. Therefore your girl friend can not be convienced in a non-domain method, such as logic or reason in any short time span. I was successful by predicting the outcome of future events over a 10 year period, where my wife would say, "how did you know that would come true". My wife finally grew to trust my logic and converted to believe like me but she still hates it because she is a relational person and it put her at odds with her parents.

PS: I think a lot of Christian's like myself that convert to non-believers later in life are a bit autistic, and therefore more Non-Domain trusting. We are more object oriented and actually more primitive in our thinking. We should thank the intelligence of the relational domain trusting individuals. We would not exist in my opinion without there communication and relational skills that enhanced their ability to work together to survive. The religious belief in god is an unintended side affect of the evolutionary process.

I guess you could say it is is less about who is right or wrong and more about the survival of our cells.

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