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Spiderman needed to be bit by an irradiated spider to become Spiderman so he couldn't have started the Big Bang becasue spiders had to have come first! So we're back to the old who created the creator problem. As for Iron Man? Well that's seems perfectly logical.


Yes the two buses saying is a British thing. It goes 'Typical, you wait ages for one bus and then two come along at once'. People say it because it's often true (Typically due to a traffic bottleneck. This makes the first bus late and while it's stuck the next one catches up with it and consequently they arrive at the same time). We like saying it because it just gives us another thing besides the weather to complain about :-). The premise of the story is that the father made this complaint, the child took it literally and asked his nan why it was true. Instead of going into depth to explain it she decided to opt for the 'easy' light-hearted answer of goddidit, but this turned out to be the more difficult choice in the end.


Not being a Londoner I can't say to be honest! I choice 27 simply because it's the number of the house I grew up in.

Thanks again for the appreciative comments. As for a follow up...we'll see.

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