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You can have a close relationship with them and just agree to disagree.

I always wondered how this work. Socializing is one thing, but how deep a connection can you have with someone who’s so irrational they’re able to believe in all-powerful immaterial super-beings, and so immoral they can imagine being happy in heaven while the rest of us are being tortured (or extinguished or whatever) by the very same god they’re supposed to worship? I just don’t get it. You need some common basic values, and rationality and fairness are as basic as it gets. The relationship must be lacking in some important way.

My impression is when people do escape the delusion they find it very eye-opening and liberating, and would never want to go back. Why wouldn’t he want to help his friends and himself while he’s at it? Delusions are always harmful and Nicolas’ distress is just one more example of this.

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