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Comment 29 by Sketchy :

I always wondered how this work. Socializing is one thing, but how deep a connection can you have with someone who’s so irrational they’re able to believe in all-powerful immaterial super-beings, and so immoral they can imagine being happy in heaven while the rest of us are being tortured (or extinguished or whatever) by the very same god they’re supposed to worship? I just don’t get it.

I guess the best analogy I can think of is having a friend who is extremely obese. If you're thin, you'd have a very hard time putting yourself in that friend's shoes, and there are certain things you just couldn't share (it's not likely you'll play sports together). But you don't have to force that person into liposuction or a crash diet just to relate. You share the things you can, and try to remain sensitive of the topic (your nickname for this person will not be "fatty" if you want to remain friends).

I have Christian parents, and we get along well. They know we have differing views on almost everything, and even discussing politics can be dicey. But if we sense that we're treading on thin ice, we just don't do it. It doesn't make for a good relationship to argue often or dwell on sensitive issues.

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