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I completely agree with TuftedPuffin's explanation, but I would like to develop the same story from a different perspective...

I'm not completely happy with this analogy because the Higgs boson would also mediate a force, which would be the true analogy to gravity. It's really hard to find consistent metaphors.

Another good explanation. Just to make sure I understood the last part: you mean the Higgs boson would mediate a force the way the gluon mediates gravity, the photon mediates the EM force and other particles (forget what right now) mediate the strong and weak forces? Is this a new force beside the standard four? Is there a name for it?

On a somewhat different topic, when I look at blogs on alternative energy I often see people posting what looks like nonsense to me about "zero point" technologies that utilize the "vacume energy". I assume that what they are talking about is somehow managing to access the energy of the Higgs field(?) and that such claims at this point are pseudo-science?

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