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Ah pet, you should have been British. Here we (I) teach Religious Studies in school, and we challenge every bit of Christian doctrine in lessons. We have atheists, Christians, Muslims, agnostics all in together. Our A' Level Religious Studies classes are great. Here in UK we have never had the science religion controversy until your Henry Morris and our Richard Dawkins got going. We ALL believed in Darwinian evolution theory. We believed in God as well, but it wasn't an issue, because very few people thought the bible was an account of events that actually happened. Sadly, the attack from dear ol' Dick (that's an English shortening of Richard - not an insult) and his mates has somewhat polarised the camps. A tip - find out what the first 3 chapters of Genesis really are - they are NOT creation stories. They are not even creation myths. They are not even wrong - they are something else! They are not, nor were ever intended, to be accounts of events that actually happened. Now, go do well in your science. Find the Higgs particle or whatever. Prove Darwin right by ironing out the anomalies, and tell your mother you will love her and respect her whatever she chooses to believe, and tell her that you expect that she will love you and respect you whatever you choose to believe. If she says she will pray for you - just say "Thanks Mum". As your countrymen say; Mitakuye Oyasin

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