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Why some people call the Higgs Boson the God Particle?

As with many things in this life the god particle is a misquote...Leon Max Lederman apparently wanted to call it 'That god-damned particle' cos it was rather elusive.

Peter Higgs was probably not best pleased...he is an atheist.

If only one particle is found would that mean that the superstrings theory is wrong?

As I understand it it might require a revamp but it is early days and physicists seem somewhat divided by superstring anyway...not all but some.

How all these discoveries are changed after the discovery of particles that travel faster than the speed of light?

IF there are particles that travel faster then light. That has not been rather looks like a calibration error...but time will tell!

Do we need a new Einstein to make sense of all these discoveries?

Not yet!...seems Albert is as near to dammit with his explanations not withstanding a few tweaks along the way!

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