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Comment 15 by mysticjbyrd

Is this sarcasm, right?

I'm a British Midlander (by upbringing), over fifty and challenge cold callers and street preachers for any evidence they can conjur up (i.e. none).

You bet it's sarcasm, mystucjbyrd.

There are three basic reasons why someone would say something so damagingly stupid as religoon drivel;

ignorance (they don't know any better)

incompetence (they've totally screwed up their thinking for any of a number or reasons)

malice (it's a deliberate deception for some personal gain; wealth, influence or power?)

I've no problem with anyone rotting their minds and self-esteme with religoon opinions in private. But when they strive to poison other minds with the bullshit, I feel a responsibility to demonstrate that bullshitters can have their mandate challenged in a forthright and (preferably) entertaining way. Whichever of the three reasons their stupidity derives from, public challenges reduce the chance of innocents being infected.

Sorry, mysticjbyrd, I'm waffling and ranting.

Stay happy.

Tue, 13 Dec 2011 19:01:00 UTC | #898685