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I agree Rich Wiltshir. It seems that rationailty is a word many fear to hear these days, its such a sad state of affairs. If a person wants to exit their house on a morning, look around them, and say "You know what, I think there could be some kind of greater power behind all this", i essentially have no problem with that, that is a right of somebody with free will, and they have made that decision by themselves, no harm done there, although it isnt my personal viewpoint, i dont have a problem with somebody thinking "Yes there could be something behind it all". But why not just leave it at that? Why does the fanatical worship and mythical relgious teachings have to come into the equation, because ive always maintained that you can believe in a "greater power" (I dislike the word "god, because people always immediately picture a bearded guy in the clouds.) without the excess baggage of following a relgion.

I have an extreme dislike and mistrust for organised relgions (as do many here im sure), they have hijacked what we all call "morals" and hold them under their own banner. Morals such as "Do not steal" are not religious morals! These morals come from the good within people themselves, and i think that human beings already have some form of morality already programmed into them, just through biology itseld. Surely even some animals, on some level, know if what they are doing to fellow animals is fair or not. The morals that relgions like to boast about as it 'values', or not of their making at all! These exact same morals can be taught from the home, without the aid of any kind of fanatical organisation having a say in that persons life. As as Richard Dawkins himself once said, some religious forms of absolute morality, are not moral at all! (take homosexuals as an example, pahaps forcing primitive relgious beliefs on innocent children as another example). The organised religions have the wrong idea completely, and it makes me sad to see so many millions of people become a victim of their cause.

I love having an interest in science, the world and universe around us, even just reality itself, is such an amazing phenominal thing. I dont need to invoke myths into my life to make it fulfilling, i'm very lucky to be here to appreciate all this, that in itself is as greater pleasure as believing in any kind of fairytale. I only hope that in years to come, science becomes appreciated by the fullness of humanity. Then we can put to bed the primitive, suppressive, superstitious, fanatical extremism that religious myth brings to the world, and move forward and enjoy our lives together in peace.

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