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This makes me sad, for Hart County is one of my favorite spots in the world. It lies above one of the world's classic karst landscapes, the Dripping Springs Escarpment of the Pennyroyal Plateau, home to the world's longest cave system, which I'm proud to have discovered an entrance to.

Inside the Pennsylvanian / Mississippian limestone labyrinths of the Mammoth Cave system, and other caves of the region, I touch 300 million year old brachiopod and bryozoans fossils that "peer" at me from the walls, ceiling, and floors of the cave passages. The cave is much younger, of course, than the limestone fossil reef that it is made of, perhaps one or two million years old, and in measuring the shapes of the flow scallops on its surfaces combined with the cross section of its passages we can learn to estimate the average rainfall of the region over that entire period.

The life in the caves of Hart County is rich, and richly evolved within the cave environment, from extremophile bacteria to Hadonoecus cave crickets to snow white crayfish and blindfish, water clear round and flatworms which have adapted through evolution in only a few thousand centuries to this unique, lightless and temperature-stable environment.

Younger still are the artifacts and paleofecal specimens (dietary evidence) and even the bodies of Native American explorers who explored and exploited the cave centuries before the creationists say the world even existed.

I am a native Kentuckian. I love the natural world around me, from the beautiful city parks of my hometown out to the limits of the Universe and the living organisms studied by Edwin Hubble, Charles Darwin (and Kentucky's own father of the neo-Darwinian Synthesis, Thomas Hunt Morgan) and explained to me by the likes of Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, and thinkers like Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Dan Dennett.

I will always be a Kentuckian, wherever I go, be it to Mammoth Cave or the limestone hills of Devonshire which remind me so much of home. A proud Kentuckian. An evolved Kentuckian. Evolved and informed enough thanks to the likes of those who read and post here to know an ignorant retard when I see one.

Ramen, from Kentucky with love.

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