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I agree with Rosbif @ 1

There is no intersection of religion with society, it is a cloying, thick, pox ridden, suffocating blanket made of woolly vaguely itchy ideas and personal incredulity inter weaved with deep ignorance and pompous bigotry. It casts deep and dark shadows and stinks rank and foetid...admittedly that is just my opinion.

It is the only packaged product in the history of humanity that has never delivered its boasts, never returned money to disappointed customers and never presented its theatrical mechanism to interrogation, preferring to utilise theological trick of the eye and all the integrity of a criminal con man gone megalomaniac , it never presents evidence to back up its many glorious and frankly dubious if not completely banality laden childish claims.

It is a crock of excrement dusted with platitudes, red herrings and the poorly constructed metaphoric balderdash of ancient goat herder morality, in other words their ignorant fears and hatreds. You cannot confront the nonsense with well researched and formulated argument, because religion cannot function at that level, if it did it would have collapsed into irrelevance centuries ago.

It has to be met with derision and instant dismissal. Religion only exists by perpetuating the religiously constructed mantra that it must be respected for belief, without evidence, in supernatural wholly human constructed mythological fairy tales.

That these poorly cognitive functioning dipshits that strut the jeebus fandango want to make utter clowns of themselves is, although sad and sick, perfectly within their right to sell their innate humanity short...but that right stops at their gob and actions that permeate beyond their personal borders.

By the same token of the mantra of respect they chant, that encompasses the right to believe and criticize those that do not, then the sceptical have the same right of respect to their view to reject and criticize those that waffle crappola without being demonized, repressed and treated with intolerance and bigotry if not outright hatred, especially being subjected to being blatantly lied about by god botherers...simples!

If they want the undeserved respect they whine and demand, maybe they should pragmatically practice it towards atheism as well, just to give the illusion they are playing by the rules, but they never have and they never will, because it scares the pants off them, after all it means that atheism would be an equally valid viewpoint, something that the besotted can never allow or even admit to. Hysteria is hard to rationalise with fairness and equality.

Atheism as a view is finally growing a back took a while but the genii is out of the bottle and it will never go back in...never!.... it is gaining remarkable strength day by day, it is a fact that really puts the ecclesiastical laundries into overtime, oh dear, how sad...never mind!

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