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...addresses a whole range of hot-button issues that involve the relationship between religion and the state, including the teaching of evolution in schools, what to do about the burqa,schools, what to do about the burqa, ...

Let me give this a shot --

  • The relationship between religion and the state --- there should be none.

  • Teaching of evolution in schools --- it should be the only diversity theory taught in a public school science class (funded with taxpayer money). Teach evolution's "alternatives" (e.g., creationism) under the same program that teaches all other mythologies.

  • What to do about the burqa --- let her wear what she wants, as long as it's really what she wants and it's in a place where all other face coverings & masks are permitted.

  • This is easier than I thought. Gimme the next problem -- I think I'm getting good at this.......

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