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Comment 3 by Floyd

If you are passionately against whaling then you need to ask yourself some important questions, such as why you are against whaling?

Well said Floyd. May I suggest starting with Wikipedia's Cetacean Intelligence and following the links. Hopefully another user can offer a better suggestion.

Japan kills less than 500 per year.

This was true last year. But they'd have liked to kill more. The crew of Sea Shepherd harassed them so much that they were only able to slaughter 172, which was about a fifth of their target. If you'd like the Japanese to kill more Whales, then please send money to the Japanese tsunami fund, so that they can better protect their whaling fleet. If you want them to kill less Whales, then support Sea Shepherd: they have proved that they do make a big difference.

It's inhumane: maybe – but then so is a lot of killing in nature. Ever seen a pack of African wild dogs take down a zebra and eat it alive?

Wild dogs can't be inhumane Floyd, on account of them being wild dogs.Indogane just sounds wrong, doesn't it Floyd? Plain stupid in fact.

Much inhumane killing of other animals goes on as well.

My neighbour beats his dog, therefore……

Whales are of relative (sic) high intelligence, but then so are pigs, cattle and sheep and even chickens.

May I suggest Scientific American: Are whales smarter than we are? The jury is still out on whether or not Whales have developed consciousness. But I'm pretty sure they're not even sitting on chickens.

While I can understand apathy, why somebody would take the effort to defend this barbarity baffles me. Are you sure that you're not a Japanese whaler, Floyd San?

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