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Comment 19 by Sci Fi :

This. Hurts.

And the haters and delusional have already started (see comments after the abc News article).

Condolences and thoughts to his family.

I'm so glad he 'lives' on through his writing.

I just read them. Ugh, people are so stupid and don't think. Too bad Christopher Hitchens isn't here to Hitchslap the people who are making those brain dead comments on I wonder how long it's going to take for rumors of a deathbed conversion to start. If these rumors start, well... in absence of the Hitchslap, perhaps I can in-your-face-New-York the hell out of these people. Damn, in-your-face-New-Yorking doesn't sound nearly as catchy as Hitchslapping...

When Dr. Kevorkian died there was this huge outcry of idiots who said he was hypocritical for dying on his own in the hospital instead of committing suicide. Oh right, because he owed that to people. Come on! He obviously wasn't ready to die yet! And even before he died and it was announced that he was in the hospital (and expected to recover), people made "pull the plug" jokes as well as, "The only way he's leaving is in a garbage bag." Stupid, stupid, stupid! Oh well. I bet he would have laughed at the people who made the "pull the plug" jokes, that is, at their stupidity for not being able to come up with something better.


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