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Comment 11 by Diotalevi

Sea Shepherd are criminally obstructing Japan's legal right to kill whales.

If it is criminal, then the law is an ass: the criminals have right on their side and all power to them.

The support of activists which put people's lives in danger is misplaced and wrong.

Misplaced and wrong is an opinion. An indisputable fact is that there are more whales alive because of Sea Shepherd's actions and therefore I urge anybody who is pleased by that result to support Sea Shepherd. By the way, last year's result was: several hundred whales saved from slaughter against no whalers kill.

The scientific basis of the hunt is not sneaky……

While covertly buying the votes of small nations is sneaky, I've never thought of the slaughter as sneaky: far from it. They continue to openly slaughter these intelligent beasts because they don't give a fig for world opinion, which is why direct action is required.

…… It was put there to allow whaling nations to perform lethal scientific research with the aim of developing a sustainable whaling industry.

The AIM of their lethal scientific research is to provide whalemeat. Are you seriously suggesting that Sea Shepherd's crew putting themselves between the harpooners and the Whales was detrimental to cetacean research?

There is also the question of why Western countries so strenuously object to these killings when their own meat industry is causing ecological destruction which is magnitude greater than the whaling industry.

I wasn't aware that Western countries were making strenuous efforts. But if that's true, then it is hypocritical. All the same, I still urge the individuals of those nations who want to stop the slaughter of whales to support Sea Shepherd. It's possible to be both opposed to hacking down rainforests for cattle and whaling.

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